The Yoga Therapy Studio has evolved into WABI SABI YOGA. We are ecstatic to announce our new location at 3476 West Broadway, Vancouver BC.

Please be patient while we make this move virtually and physically. Check out the Fall Program!

Wabi Sabi is                                  Wabi Sabi Isn't
organic                                                geometric
soft                                                       sharp
vague                                                   definite
one of a kind                                       mass produced
bowl as metaphor                               box as metaphor
warm                                                    cool
dark - dim                                            bright - light
transient                                              everlasting
intuitive world view                           implied - logical rational world view
relative                                                absolute
uncontrolled nature                          control of nature
romanticizes nature                            romanticizes technology
primarily expressed in                        primarily expressed in
    the private domain                               the public domain
subtle - discreet                                  showy - gross